Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wagon wheel from Daylesford bakery (Modern Day Bakery)

While waiting a few hours for my bus from Daylesford that would begin my journey back to Melbourne, i came across Daylesford bakery. It looked promising so i read up a little about it on urban spoon and one person said the big  wagon wheels were good. I went inside to take a look. They indeed looked big.
I walked back outside and continued my exploration of Daylesford, seeing this and that and noting what i wanted to eat when i got hungry. The time came and my stomach made its decision! Go back to Daylesford bakery and try one of their chunky meat pies! Also grab a wagon wheel!
Unfortunately i had left it too late, and all the pies were sold by the time i had gotten there. Nevertheless, i continued on with the plan, keeping my chin up and a stiff upper lip.
I bought a wagon wheel and sat down. It felt good in my hands. A good size and feeling fairly substantial. I took a picture
Then a bite :)
And it was glorious! Oh i had never eaten a wagon wheel like this before :) it was delicious... And i devoured it until all that was left was crumbs! And i ate those too :)
Yes... Very tasty!

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