Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Baked chicken on fried rice. First time ive had chinese food with thusmuch cheese :)

I go see movies almost once a week, and we pretty much always go to dinner beforehand. Its a part of the outing i really look forward to. Today we decided to try somewhere new, and Peter suggested Shophouse kitchen in QV, opposite pappa rich. I really liked it! The food was cheap (about $11 a meal?), the food came out quickly (i love that!) and it was yummy! And there was a whole menu of options to explore. With pictures!
I decided to try something id never tried before, i think it was called Baked chicken on fried rice.
It was delicious! Id never eaten chinese food with so much melted cheese in it before! Reminded me a little of mac n cheese :)
The chicken was tender and delicious. The fried rice was moist, cheesy, creamy and yum. I cleaned it up good :) cant wait to go back again and continue exploring the menu :)
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