Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thai Yim, glen waverley

Sheryl and Cathy, two of my friends from work mentioned this great thai restaurant in glen waverley, Thai Yim. Sheryl said they even home deliver if you live within a certain radius if their shop!
Today i finally got around to checking it out.
In the morning, happened to catch a bit of masterchef UK on tv, and one of the contestants had made some delicious looking duck curry with chips and rice (half and half, a speciality from wales apparently! Interesting!)
That surely influenced my decision to check out the thai restaurant. Upon entering it, i immediately ordered the red duck curry!
Looked and smelled good! Thats some coconut rice with it :)
And it tasted as good as it looked! It was delicious!! I was in food heaven. It was a very enjoyable lunch. When i finished there was not a spot of it left in the bowl or plate. Now that is good food!
Thai Yim is at 249 Springvale Rd (near the glen shopping centre)
Highly recommended! :)
When i had asked cathy so whats good on the menu? What do you nornally get there? She said "its all good!" :) i think i have to agree! :)
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